Can you imagine something more exciting than starting your new life together in a place where the United States was born? Yes, it is the New England which is the historical area of the USA. New England is the perfect destination to spend and celebrate your first days together with your partner as you can find all what you dream from essentials to luxury. Boston Limo Service will be your guide either if you are familiar with the area and you don’t want to be stressed by driving or you are a new visitor and you want to avoid wasting time in looking for certain places.

Visit New England with Boston Limo Service

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont are the most six visited states in the USA by people who want to spend their honeymoon in a romantic atmosphere any time during the whole year.

There are not many places in the world challenging Vermont in its ski resorts, New Hampshire in its wonderful mountains, Connecticut and Rhode Island in its irresistible sandy beaches and the stunning green hills of Massachusetts during the spring. Everything comes to your mind can be reached in New England

Don’t miss a visit to the following places

Boston: It is unofficial capital of New England. A lot of historical and touristic places are located within Boston’s borders such as Faneuil Hall, Beacon Hill, the Boston Commons, Bunker Hill, and so on. It is a large city with variety of people and an old city with young spirit in which the visitor can reach the majority of world famous museums, universities and other historic places.

Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket: It is not a surprise when we put those Massachusetts islands among the honeymoon places’ list because they are popular and known with their sandy beaches, pure beauty and amazing weather. When it comes to staying places, it would not be a problem for any one.  Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites is the best place for those how would like to stay in the core of lovely harbor towns. For those who prefer a beach side stay, it would be perfect for them to stay in the Island Inn in Oak Bluffs

Champlain Valley in Vermont: All the elements needed for an ideal honeymoon are available in the Northern Vermont’s Champlain Valley from fresh food to fun things to enjoy like boating, swimming, skating and shopping. Absolutely that you will love everything about it and you will schedule to visit it other time.

The whole New England area is rich of wonderful spots to spend your honeymoon in. The only thing you still have to look for is a reliable transportation to get all the places and enjoy time without worries. Boston Limo Service is made for all occasions to satisfy all its clients’ needs. All what you have to do is reserving your chauffeured car with our company and let it on our responsibility to take you everywhere.






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