12One of the several factors that make Boston the attractive spot for many people within the United States and out of the country as well is its Attractions. The large number of those attractions makes the visitor worry about how many days it will take him or her to visit all of them. The solution is Car Service in boston mass that can guarantee you to visit most of those attractions just in one day. Car Service in Boston has professional Bostonian drivers who know every place in Boston and can take you from an attraction to another one in the manner that match your needs.

Booking a car with Car Service in boston mass will enable you to take a trip in the city as you can travel around it, but if you have just 24 hours to spend in Boston, you will be confused which attractions are the most visited in Boston. For that reason we decided to guide you and let you know about the most exciting attractions.

Boston Commons with Car service in boston mass

Boston Commons is the most ancient park in the US as it is the preferred place where tourists can have fun throughout the year. This public park is covering a territory of 50 acres. The Boston Commons is considered as an ideal place for those who are visiting the Beantown for the first time as they can discover several historic places within this park such as the Massachusetts House, Central Burying Ground, and other monuments.

Fenway Park

This Ballpark has been the place for The Boston Red Sox team since it established in 1912 and it is situated at 4 Yawkey Way. Fenway Park has been expanded and renovated several times due to its age and restricted location in Boston. Even though you don’t like to attend a Red Sox game and you adore the historic things, you can visit the Fenway Park Living Museum which is a gallery rich in Fenway Park’s history.

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts

According to 2013’s statistics, The MFA is ranked as the 62nd most visited art museums worldwide. It is founded in 1870 and features over 450,000 of artworks in addition to over 1 million visitors each year. The tourists visit the Museum of Fine Arts to find out the ancient Egyptian arts as well as the modern ones.

The Boston Public Garden

It is a wide park situated in the middle of Boston, Massachusetts close to Boston Common containing of a huge number of different plants. This large garden was established in 1837 and it is specialized by its Fountains, rare plants, and its beautiful Lagoon.

To ensure spending an enjoyable holiday in Boston, don’t hesitate to call Car service in boston mass at 617 307 7040 and reserve a suitable car for you and your family to avoid being lost in unfamiliar city or waste time in looking for attractive places.


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